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About Us

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About Us

logoGeorgian Hazelnut Corporation LLC is one of the oldest global suppliers of natural and processed hazelnut in Georgia . The company is located in Guria, region in the Black sea,   west part of Georgia  Providing ideal environment for the hazelnut cultivation.

Founded in 1996 and having been active in international market since its foundation, GHC started exporting hazelnuts from its own integrated processing plant in 1998 . Involved in Georgian hazelnut sector as a manufacturer, the company’s top priority has always been processed hazelnut products. Today GHC includes 4 processing factory and its total productivity aggregates up to 500 tons per month .

From the very beginning, not losing its focus on meeting international quality standards, GHC has quickly become a recognized hazelnut processor worldwide. This qualification increased our business connections in six continents and enabled us to understand various needs of customers from different countries. Furthermore, another goal of the company is to take the lead in terms of gaining up-to-date market information and utilize them to meet emerging food market demands.

To excel the customer satisfaction and ensure a healthy supply chain from the farmer to the customers warehouse, each product specification requirement from the clients is carefully reviewed, then related traceable raw merchandise is procured from the market and processed accordingly.

Making no concessions regarding our corporate values, our customers will always expect the highest quality hazelnuts from the products under the brand of GHC.