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Georgian Hazelnut

Hazelnut and Health

Georgian Hazelnut


Most scientists agree that the Eastern coast of the Black sea is the most suitable for cultivation of hazelnut and that there we find the roots of its worldwide distribution. Self Turkish name hazelnut ‘Findik’ comes from the Greek word ‘Corylus’ that means ‘Black sea’.

In Georgian culture hazelnut was known from time immemorial. Historical evidence suggests that in VI. B.C. the local population in their gardens grew wild forms of hazelnut. In the future, for several centuries by means of folk selection were received better grades hazelnut, perfectly adapted to local conditions.

For Georgia hazelnuts had a high economic value and brought a lot of income to the population before the revolution of 1917. Georgia in large quantities exported hazelnuts in the EU countries, by hazelnut plantations were occupied 8-10 times more territory than in Soviet times. Situation began to change only in 1990s, when in coastal areas of Western Georgia began the rapid creation of new plantations and modern processing facilities.

In Georgia today are spread some of native varieties, the main ones are: Shveliskura, Berdznula, Anakliuri, Gulshishvela, Khachapura, Nemsa, etc.